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Optimom Fitness - Because Motherhood is an Endurance Sport

Optimom Fitness provides in-home personal training and wellness coaching focused on one goal - peak performance for moms.

The philosophy is simple - with everything we must accomplish each day, Motherhood Is An Endurance Sport. Endurance athletes train their bodies to go the distance. Moms are no different. You may not realize it, but moms are are a special kind of athlete. We require the energy and the strength to remain strong, productive and positive throughout an active, and sometimes challenging, day. Then, we demand the vitality to wake up each day and do it all over again.

Optimoms strive each day to achieve their personal best. So what does it take to be an Optimom? It's a commitment to yourself to be at the top of your game not only for your family, but for you. Optimom Fitness offers a variety of personal training programs designed to meet the unique needs of each mom. My role is that of personal trainer, educator, motivator, accountability coach, task master and friend.

The Optimom Fitness mission is to inspire and guide moms to maximize their health, boost energy levels, enjoy greater vitality and look better than ever imagined. I encourage you to review the web site to learn how Optimom Fitness and in-home personal training can help you achieve your wellness goals.  I look forward to the opportunity to be your trainer and take your wellness to the next level.

Here's to Outstanding Wellness!
Samantha Roehrig

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Who is an Optimom? Every mom has the capacity to be an Optimom.  Optimom status is a lifestyle.  It’s not about grabbing on to the latest fitness craze or hot diet trend.  It’s not about making short-lived resolutions to exercise or eat healthier.  It’s a long-term commitment to strive to achieve your personal best through fitness, nutrition and a wellness-focused lifestyle.To learn more about the Optimom lifestyle, visit www.optimom.com.

Optimom: Because Motherhood is an Endurance Sport
I'm working on my first book Optimom: Because Motherhood is an Endurance Sport, to inspire and guide moms to lose weight, and take their health, energy and figure to the next level. Read an Excerpt.


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