How to choose your bodybuilding center

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good time to sign up for a gym to start taking care of your health and fitness.

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The effects of bodybuilding  

Bodybuilding training may change you, the color of your face turns red and many things increase: sweating, heartbeat, lungs, your vigilance.But while we all know that staying physically active is essential for a long and healthy life, we do not…

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Things that sports coaches want you to know about bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has beneficial effects on your body and your figure. Still, it is essential to do your workouts well to avoid injury and to adopt a diet adapted to the practice of this sport

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Bodybuilding methods

Bodybuilding also improves health in general, and the reduction of certain diseases and pathologies is combined with the practice of muscle training. Bodybuilding is a direct result of many disciplines such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, cross fit, strongman events etc…

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Bodybuilding for women

Bodybuilding is much more than building muscle, it helps to carve a great physique, for men, but also for women. Most women avoid bodybuilding for fear of gaining volume and accidental endings with “big arms”. Yet most studies show only…

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From bodybuilding to addiction

Bodybuilding has developed since the 70’s thanks to the star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being an actor, he popularized bodybuilding and continues to influence young people around the world.

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