Bodybuilding methods

Bodybuilding also improves health in general, and the reduction of certain diseases and pathologies is combined with the practice of muscle training. Bodybuilding is a direct result of many disciplines such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, cross fit, strongman events etc...


CrossFit can be defined as a kind of cross-training also called Cross training that uses body weight, some free weights and machines to work the maximum of muscles. CrossFit workouts promise to develop physical abilities, build muscle fast, lose fat, have better recovery, and generally meet many like-minded people. CrossFit is for many fans more than just a sport, it's a philosophy, a way of life, in which the community is omnipresent.

Weightlifting movements

When you perform this kind of polyarticular weightlifting movement or associated movements, you do both a squat, a deadlift, you work your hip flexion, your dorsal, all the trunk muscles, strength and stability shoulders, as well as sheathing the entire body. In fact, there is no other exercise that allows you to perform as many functional movements as snatch and clean & jerk. During a competition or a training session, the snatch is executed first, because it is generally considered that it requires more technique, while the clean & jerk comes second because it is commonly considered that requires more brute force.

Supersets / Trisets

This is one of the best-known training methods. When combining two exercises for opposing muscle groups (such as curl for biceps and extension for triceps), we have a superset. It is thus necessary to chain two series (one of each exercise) with little or no rest between each one. This method reduces the duration of the session, enhances overall recovery and provides excellent congestion. One can also do back / chest, lumbar / abs and quadriceps/hamstrings in this way. When one carries out three exercises of musculation for the same muscular group without time of rest between the series, one realizes a triset. This helps to congest the muscles quickly. Since the latter are mobilized from different angles, this technique essentially serves to shape them. The trisets focus on the recovery factors in a muscular endurance work; they are excellent for increasing vascularity.  

Partial repetitions

As the name implies, a partial repetition consists in performing only a part of the movement such that the muscle works only on a shortened distance. Partial repetitions can begin from the beginning or the end of the movement: it is then performed only on the quarter, half or three-quarters of the full amplitude of the movement. The partial "reps" allow to train without being blocked by the critical point of the exercise that is to say by the portion of the movement where the load seems the heaviest: they solicit areas of the muscles that have not yet been exhausted, which may result in additional hypertrophy. For example, once you have done eight curls at the bar and are unable to perform a full repetition, you can;
  • Refit the load and terminate the series
  • Continue the series with only partial repetitions

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