How to choose your bodybuilding center

No matter the time of year, it's always a good time to sign up for a gym to start taking care of your health and fitness. The first visit Take the opportunity to ask all the questions that come to mind (atmosphere, peak of meetings, off-peak hours). You have also to observe everything; cleanliness of floor, quality of lighting, ventilation, Cloakrooms, and cleanliness of showers. The toilets also reflect the level of cleanliness of an establishment! A free trial session should be offered. Enjoy it that day to keep watching, but at your own pace. Who are the coaches? In France, only state patent holders (BE) can teach. Find out if the center offers classes and coaches offer follow-up, advice, and if all this is included in the subscription or not.Do not hesitate to ask the most famous coach and the most qualified in the center. Good equipment The equipment must be in very good condition and at the forefront of novelty. The cardio-training space: The basic equipment is often composed of: One or more rowers, Treadmills, Steppers, Elliptical bikes and Bikes. Actually, they often represent 50% of the equipment of a gym. It is important that the center offers a number of devices that can cope with its influx. This avoids queuing for a device, which is annoying. The bodybuilding space: dumbbells and machines The dumbbell space often represents 20% of the total material of a center. Depending on your level, check what is the maximum weight proposed, it varies by center. The main bodybuilding equipment concerning machines; adjustable pulleys (with different types of handles) a leg press, a pediatric press, a backpack machine and a shoulders machine. Ideal infrastructure Some rooms have a swimming pool, a sauna / steam room, a relaxation area ... These spaces are really appreciated after a good workout or even in place of a session. In day off you can go to the room just for a good sauna or a few fathoms. The courses offered Check that the courses offered are at the forefront of trends!The latest market activities are often more specialized and ultimately offer better results. The most of an ideal center An ideal center above the others should offer services included in the medical monitoring as:
  • From dietetics
  • Equipment for calculating fat / muscle mass
  • Exercise test equipment: measurement of lung capacity / capacity of muscle strength
  • A healthy "catering" area (juice, whey protein, cereal bars, etc.). No sodas!

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