Fitness for children

Age-dependant physical activity types for children

  For kids and teens to grow up healthy, it’s important that they adopt physical activities and eat healthy food every day. Children must stick to a healthy lifestyle from an early age to develop good habits that they can…

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Obese children: physical activity and cognitive functions

The harmful effects of obesity on the child‘s metabolic balance are well known, but much less so its impact on his/her cognitive functions. A recent American study looked at the beneficial effects of physical activity on both the fat mass…

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Instil healthy lifestyle values in your children

A recent study by researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that being fit during one’s youth could lead to a decrease in the risk of suicide later in life.

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Healthy diet for children

Children should have a balanced diet of ingredients from all four food groups at every meal: grain products, fruits and vegetables, milk or milk products, and meat and protein.

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Fitness work for children

Is gym for kids reasonable? Is it appropriate for a child’s physique? Should we fear potential negative effects on his health? Can such a physical activity replace football or dancing in the hearts of our little kids?

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5 sporting activities that appeal to children

Your child is a fan of horseback riding, playing football and other demanding physical activities but you don’t know if he/she’s old enough or if there are any contraindications? Here we try our best in identifying the most urgent parents’…

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