Fitness work for children

Is gym for kids reasonable? Is it appropriate for a child's physique? Should we fear potential negative effects on his health? Can such a physical activity replace football or dancing in the hearts of our little kids?

Why is fitness for children so ?

  Back to school already? Now is the opportunity for your kid to enrol in clubs that offer the activities he/she craves. Today and more than any time before, parents are becoming keen for their children to take part in fitness classes. You might ask yourself what’s so appealing about that...How about the fitness aspect, socialization, learning and especially having fun? The courses offered are plentiful and usually very adapted to the age of your child. Fitness for kids has become very trendy in a matter of years and has been adopted globally. You can now find courses dedicated to young kids aged between 4 and 12 where supervision is often provided by specially trained coaches.

What happens in a gym for children?

  Fitness rooms for children usually allow parents to spend some time on their own in the gym, there is just something in it for everyone! Moreover, as a parent, you always have the opportunity to monitor your child from your treadmill. A subscription in this type of gym costs around 150 euros per year, which is usually the price of a classic extracurricular activity. To explain the fitness to children from 4 to 6 years old, the coaches must be full of imagination since it’s extremely difficult to capture their attention. Beyond 30 minutes, children are already getting bored. Thankfully, babyfitness can range between initiation to dance, combat sport and rhythmic training; that’s to say that gym work for children is also about knowing how to have fun with music. The coordination work is also a fitness teacher’s pet peeve, at 4 or 6 years old, children may not even know the right side from the left side.

Benefits of fitness work for kids

  Children's physical abilities develop with age. Between the ages of 4 and 12, work must focus on coordination. Understandably, at this age, you must not focus on strength as your tiny tot’s small bones are still fragile. Gym is ultimately a generic term that means improving well-being and fitness which is why the exercises must be adapted to the child's abilities. Physical activity is a treatment like a medicine, if not better! At low doses, it does not work, at moderate doses, it’s efficient and at excessive doses, it's just dangerous. To conclude, children's gym work can be beneficial if you find the right balance between his/her skills and the effort required.

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