Things that sports coaches want you to know about bodybuilding

Published on : 23 November 20183 min reading time

Bodybuilding has beneficial effects on your body and your figure. Still, it is essential to do your workouts well to avoid injury and to adopt a diet adapted to the practice of this sport

You will not have a “male body”

The truth is that women have different hormones than men. They do not produce as much testosterone so it is more complicated for them to become very muscular. If you want to be very muscular, it takes more time, training and a special diet. This will not happen unless you follow intensive workouts 3-4 times a week.

Bodybuilding can help you lose weight faster

Combining bodybuilding with cardio exercises is great for burning fat, especially with HIIT and circuit training sessions.

Bodybuilding and cardio allow you to burn calories while developing lean muscle. Muscle needs more oxygen to “live” and burn calories, even when you’re at rest. Women can burn an average of 100 extra calories within 24 hours after the workout.

You will feel stronger for longer

One of the effects of ageing is the loss of estrogen in the body, which can affect bone density and cause osteoporosis (weakening of bones that lead to a risk of fractures) in the long term. Muscle training helps prevent, maintain and improve bone density, which can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis later.

The warm-up is essential before a session of bodybuilding

Warm-ups are always extremely important before any exercise because they help prepare the body for what it will face and reduce the risk of injury. This helps to increase the range of motion around the joints and improve your performance during training

You do not need to get pain for effective training

A delayed onset muscle aches and pains (DOM) are not confirmation of successful training and may even indicate the opposite.

Bodybuilding causes the breakdown of muscle tissue and after training, the body works to repair the muscle and strengthens it, which leads to muscle growth. Pain does not necessarily indicate muscle growth. This may also be due to other factors such as lack of sleep, eating, changing routine exercises or repetitions.

Days of rest are very important in fitness

It is important not to be too strict with yourself and to have moments off. You do not have to do a total break if you want to do some exercise. But choose stretching exercises or a soft gym.

Days of rest are essential for good performance and muscle growth. Your body needs to recover between each session. Otherwise, it can lead to over-training that is harmful to your sleep, immunity and health.

Overtraining and fatigue can lead to a lack of motivation to go to the sport. The most important thing is to listen to your body.

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