Bodybuilding for women

Published on : 23 November 20183 min reading time

Bodybuilding is much more than building muscle, it helps to carve a great physique, for men, but also for women.

Most women avoid bodybuilding for fear of gaining volume and accidental endings with “big arms”. Yet most studies show only benefits in combining strength training and cardio-respiratory exercises during dieting, especially to maintain muscle mass and maintain metabolism at a high rate.

No, bodybuilding – or fitness – is not just for men who want to gain volume! This discipline can help you, ladies and gentlemen, to build the body you dream of!

Only bodybuilding allows you to have more plump buttocks, a flat belly and firm arms. It is you who choose where you want to put shapes, where you want to refine. You literally sculpt your body, but without getting fatter or becoming Hulk!

No, you will not lose your femininity. You should know that actresses, models or singers who display a perfect body are all muscle building.

The practice of bodybuilding will allow you to adopt a better lifestyle, to follow a healthy diet, and will strengthen your will and your confidence in you. To sculpt a perfect body, to dress up and lose fat, follow our expert advice and become the person you dream of being.

Becoming stronger is probably not the number one goal for all women. It’s more likely to be losing weight or toning. However, what some of you may not realize is that bodybuilding can make a huge contribution to your efforts to slim down. In fact, it is even an important aspect of achieving almost any fitness goal.

The number one reason is for the boost of confidence in yourself that comes with bodybuilding.

To increase your self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the most important pillars for success in any area of our lives.

Regular physical activity, like fitness, can boost your confidence and self-esteem. As your strength, skills, and stamina increase with your fitness practice, your outlook on you also changes positively. With this renewed vitality and overflowing energy, you are more apt to succeed any physical feat (open a jar of a pickle for example). From success to success, nothing will stop you!

Reduce stress and depression

However, scientists agree that further research is needed to determine the causal relationship between fitness and depression on a life-size test, which takes time, since many factors (social, diet, sleep, other addiction etc. . .) interfere in the fight against depression.


Improve concentration

During a physical activity, it is not only your muscles that receive a steady flow of oxygenated blood but also your brain. The fitness will, therefore, increase the level of a neurotransmitter called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which encourages the creation and survival of neurons and improves the transmission of signals from the nervous system to the brain. That’s why a hard training session can leave you in the end in a state of bliss.


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