Learn how to train your body and spirit for a healthy lifestyle

Do not eat when you are not hungry

Fitness and bodybuilding are a perfect match

Hitting the Gym is the safest way to gain more in both agility and strength while losing that extra fat you didn’t know what to do about. Fitness and bodybuilding is the perfect combo you need in order to change your body shape the way you want without hurting yourself by following a strict diet. Through the fitness lessons you will help your body lose weight and gain more in flexibility. Many specialists, including RRPT, keep telling us that, through bodybuilding, one can get a solid build that will safely withstand heavy weights, thus, even preventing him/her from harming oneself during daily activities.


Even more motivating with a partner you know, squash is a sport that will definitely test both your physical and mental limits. It will offer an extreme challenge that will train your spirit to be more and more resistant to pressure, making it ideal to cope with any kind of stress. It has registered some records in fat burning during a short period of time because it is based on rushes of rapid and explosive movements that are separated by small pauses since the players act in a confined and small area that will prevent them from running long distances by making them move back and forth relentlessly. This kind of exercise has proven to be more than efficient during the different medical tests that have been run by many professionals in terms of calorie burning. However, squash can also be played in a non competitive way and just for fun.

The three main phases you will go through during your training

The training period can go from six months up to a couple of years, since it depends on where you have started. For example, a fat person will take more time to get in shape than a regular person who doesn’t train.

Starting is probably the most difficult decision you will have to take. You will not see a big difference during the first weeks, so you will need to be strong willed. However it is worth the investment.

After a couple of months, your body will start to change. This is the easiest part of your training, since the fact of noticing those changes will motivate you to work out even harder.

The final stage is when you finally reach your goal. Your training will be much easier, since you just need to keep your body the way it is. You do not need to exceed your limits to progress anymore. But be careful, many tend to stop working out at this point, and it is a huge mistake.


Learning how to play tennis either with friends or by following a coaching program will keep you in shape. This will help you maintain a healthy body while enjoying a long term exercise that will be demanding in terms of calorie resources. Keeping a healthy diet is also heavily recommended.

Diet tips

  • Do not eat when you are not hungry
  • Eat meat and vegetables
  • Avoid eating a lot of sugar
  • Get 5 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones
  • Avoid eating snacks
  • Try to keep your food as diversified as possible

Fitness and clothing are linked!

Sportswear has become as fashionable as any other coveted clothing style these days. It’s not limited to doing physical activities anymore and as an integral part of the fashion industry, it’s certainly doing very well. Although the main purpose of designing sportswear is comfort and performance, one must not forget that elegance and style play big parts in the industry. For further sportswear fashion material, visit https://spott.tv/.

Physical Therapy

Sports could be a physical Therapy in special cases; it can treat a variety of health problems which people of all ages could face. Prevention includes quitting smoking, lowering cholesterol, controlling high blood pressure and exercising can be the best therapy to get rid of all sort of illness and to maintain a healthy body and mental equilibrium. Sports make people able to listen to their bodies, limit medicines that might contribute to fatigue and make their brains fresh and relaxed as well though facing stressful situations. Physical activities may help reduce body and mental fatigue as well as acting as an efficient cure for human psychology.

Your Guide to Healthy Eating

Change your bad habits

Change your bad habits

Try to turn your bad habit into good ones. At first, this will definitely be difficult. But if you are diligent enough, this is will prove to be a mental challenge that will highly enhance your spirit. But what kind of good habit should I get and what are the worst that I need to avoid ? Here are some examples.

Bad habits

Eating snacks randomly is a bad habit, for example. Eating sweets and any kind of food that is heavily loaded with sugar is also a bad habit. This is actually even worse than you might think since sugar is highly addictive and may drag you into a loop you will not be able to escape from.

Good habits

Try to jog or walk everyday : half an hour if jogging, and an hour if walking is a good habit to have every day. Depending on your age first, walking may be more recommended.

Good habits


Follow your

If you can afford a personal trainer, just follow his advices. You may learn a couple of things that will help you out during your training.

Never skip

It may not seem like a big deal, but skipping training sessions just because you are getting lazy is the most common reason why people give up.

Do not go too hard on yourself

Exceeding one’s limits can have its advantages. However, it is a permanent challenge to your spirit. If you overdo things, it can get counterproductive.

Do not compare yourself to others

Remember why you have started working out. It is because you want to get a better body and lifestyle. It’s all for and about you. You are your own rival.