Sculpting your body shapes: between fitness and plastic surgery

If your body is your number one concern, the fitness exercises will bring you their share of satisfaction and help you sculpt your curves and shapes. For some, the need may be more particular to a body part than any another. The use of plastic surgery can be an effective solution.  

Before resorting to plastic surgery

Depending on the size of the chest and the degree of relaxation, there are several options for you, from bodybuilding to surgery to breast firming strategies. There are no muscles in the breasts, however, you can muscle his pectorals which are muscles located just under the chest and are the ones supporting it. For instance, strengthening the pectorals help raise your chest. In this area, several techniques are available to you:
  • -Make daily series of push-ups.
  • -Press a ball: place it at your chest and compress it with the palms of the hands.
  • -Practice special pectoral exercises on a vibrating platform.
  • -Practice back crawl at the pool.
  • -To tone your chest: plants and other firming active ingredients
  • -Make your breasts firm with vegetable oils and apply a special bust firming cream every day.
Ideally, these creams should be used in conjunction with a physical exercise program targeting the pectoral muscles. Also, before leaving the shower, consider applying a jet of cold water on your breasts to further strengthen them.

Plastic surgery

  If the solutions proposed above are not enough, you can start thinking about plastic surgery. This breast operation is designed to enhance breasts and redraw a nice curve for them. This is a long procedure, under general anaesthesia and requires hospitalization. The decision should not be taken lightly. A time of reflection is necessary to properly weigh the benefits and risks (dissatisfaction of the result, asymmetry and surgery risks). That said, when operated by an experienced surgeon, the result is often satisfactory. Wearing a medical bra day and night will be required for about a month. As for the final result, you will have to wait one or two months to fully see it.

Is plastic surgery accessible enough?

  Perfecting your curves and giving your breasts the ideal shape is now very accessible. Resorting to a surgical intervention at the mammary glands level is now more common than it has ever been before. Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian to name only the most famous and many other stars have chosen to go for breast surgery in order to obtain the appearance of their dreams.

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