Fitness, the new trend of social networks

Being fit is not just exercising and eating well but also wearing fashionable clothes and showing them through social media. With media, women are exposed to the symbols, with the muted expectation of achieving such an image.

Social learning theory suggests that females learn stereotypes and expectations through observing images through the media. Since social media are the most used instrument for information resources and connection among people, everyone can easily find a new inspiration through them. Every fitness influencer uses social media because of the direct contact with fans that the web offers. Sharing fitness goals and motivation is now a spreading phenomenon that people begin to appreciate and concur. It follows that a simple photo on a social media becomes easily a form of advertisement, because who posted it wanted to promote his/her lifestyle, that is represented in a direct way from the sportswear he/she is wearing.


The effort required to maintain this physique is life-consuming, as proved by millions of fitness accounts documenting every gym session and kale-filled meal plan. Rather than teaching girls to respect their bodies, these feeds dictate to them what they should look like and how they should live. We’re exercising to look good, to prove online that we’re doing good.

The importance placed on exercise apparel by the fashion industry is changing the way people look at physical fitness. Athletes and personal trainers find there are several reasons why the expensive name brands may be worth the high-price compared to the cheaper look-alikes.

Here is one of the most trendy websites around social networks, do not hesitate to click on this link:

If fitness is so successful on social networks, it’s simply because everyone wants to regain its form of yesteryear, but also be more beautiful. As you can see, internet users are becoming more concerned about their health and well-being.

A trend imposed by celebrities

Between sports equipment manufacturers and celebrities, it’s a story that lasts, For many years, sports brands are calling on celebrities to highlight their products. The traditional muses are getting older to make room for the stars.

With their millions of followers, fitness celebrities can convince the public of the benefits of the sport. If the stars are so radiant and in great shape, it is largely thanks to their diet and the intense practice of sport.

Simple follower of the discipline or sports coach, these bloggers film themselves during their sessions and take pictures of what they consume. From nutrition to exercise, lifestyle and dress, they are also true fashion and beauty advisers. With their physical model, they cultivate an image of dreams and body perfection.

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