Does alcohol inhibit fat loss?

For some, alcohol is something cultural, like wine or beer. For others, alcohol is an essential part of the party. More and more young people are drinking for intoxication. But, does this alcohol work well with the practice of bodybuilding? Obviously, the answer is no for many reasons. And this is true whether you are a regular or occasional drinker, whether you drink a little during the week or a lot at the weekends.

Alcohol prevents burning fat!

Alcohol is a molecule that the body considers a poison. As soon as it enters the body, it mobilizes to eliminate it. When this happens, the process of lipolysis stops, the body no longer detaches your fat; it does not burn them anymore. Instead, he deals with the alcohol circulating in your blood. This represents a handicap whether you are in the middle of a full dry or in mass. Indeed, in dry, fat melting will be completely stopped during your consumption of alcohol and until it has been completely eliminated from your body, this can take a lot of time. In mass gain, the risk is simply to take a lot of fat for nothing because, if the alcohol is stored little in the form of fat, it prevents the oxidation of fat and promotes the storage of nutrients in the fat reserves. By disrupting sleep, alcohol also decreases the secretion of growth hormones, and in a fairly strong way. This hormone also has a strong impact on muscle development. Drinking alcohol has a good deal of uninhibition and an impression of invincibility, in fact, it does the opposite and can, in the long run, promote muscle weakness.

Alcohol dehydrates!

The alcohol dehydrates and gives thirst. It may seem paradoxical, but it is the truth. The dehydrated cells are then less efficient and this is reflected on the physical performance. It also disrupts the production of ATP, the priority energy of muscles, and proteins synthesis. In other words, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol before a session because it may be bad enough. In addition, the state of dehydration increases the risk of injury.

Alcohol can kill morale

Alcohol has a depressant effect on the brain. Although it disinhibits and renders "cheerful» in the first moments, it can also make people sad and unmotivated. In addition, because it disrupts sleep cycles and hormone production, it can affect mood in the days following consumption. As a result, a bodybuilding practitioner who drinks alcohol the day before may not be keen to have a session the next day. And, if it happens too often, he may have trouble following his training properly.

So, alcohol and bodybuilding, a good idea?

This seems pretty clear, alcohol is not really recommended if you are practising bodybuilding since it can reduce your strength, motivation and recovery. Obviously, unless you're a professional bodybuilder, it's not forbidden to drink from time to time on a festive occasion, but it's better to stay moderate and consume just one or two drinks, no more.

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