Only those who eat properly can sustainably improve their fitness and athletic performance. We will unveil the 5 foods that will support your body in achieving your goals and those that are best foregone. Only a healthy diet promotes a good physical condition and a quick recovery after the sport.

Sodas and Energy drinks

Sugary soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. These "empty" calories do not give your body any nutrients and in addition, the energy boost is only short-lived. The sugar passes quickly into the bloodstream and causes an abnormally rapid increase in blood sugar. The insulin produced again quickly lowers your blood sugar level and generates a feeling of weakness and hunger. In addition, significant insulin production inhibits fat burning. Highly sugary drinks should, therefore, be removed from your perfect fitness nutrition.

Soy and Corn oil

These oils used in industry were initially intended to serve as fuel or lubricant and not for human consumption. After having undergone multiple intensive reproductions and chemical processing steps, they have become again fit for "food consumption" and are particularly inexpensive to manufacture. However, the specific structure of these bad fats leads to an increased propensity to inflammation in the body and promotes its susceptibility to infections, especially after intensive sports sessions. The consequences are therefore lower quality recovery times and reduced resistance capacity.

White Flour

Flour does not contribute to the nutritional value of your perfect fitness nutrition. Easy-to-digest carbohydrates from "white" flour also easily accumulate in athletes' unwanted fat deposits and, used before exercise, lead to faster cravings. The consequences are therefore a decrease in performance capacity and a feeling of inertia. The body is thus deprived of its work of digestion, leading to diseases of the intestine such as constipation.

Fried foods

French fries and other fried products are often pre-cut in poor quality fats and then fried again before serving. The fat is often kept very long in the fryer at high temperatures (180 ° C). Repeated heating of the breadcrumbs contained here results in decomposition products which alter the structure of the fat. In the worst case, it produces acrylamide, a carcinogen The higher average fat content of these foods slows digestion and increases the work of the stomach for many hours.  

Cheap Meat

Packaged meat is inexpensive and at first sight seductive by its perfect appearance. However, a closer look reveals that the meat of the discount store contains a large amount of added water (in order to increase the mass). Cattle also absorb drugs and residues that land in the body when consumed. Therefore, the internal organs are solicited by the processes of neutralization and elimination of these contaminants. Your shape is diminished during intense training sessions.

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