Start the Fitness

It is normal to be scared when you want to start something new, whether sporty, artistic or otherwise. Fitness does not derogate from this fear. But be aware that there are small keys to not run away (although it would be a first interesting running session!) When you start fitness.

We accept to be a beginner

You should not be uncomfortable with the idea of not understanding anything and being totally out of date. Remember, even the greatest experts have one day been beginners. So do not panic or scatter on pain of stopping even before trying. We train according to his level, according to his pace and not according to the way of doing others.

Get help

Eat this and that before training, make short or long series, how many repetitions, to dry or take volume ... so much nonsense! It is normal to be overwhelmed and rather than mixing up a lot of tips found on the net, organize them. Depending on your goals, your level you will need to adapt the tips. Do not hesitate to consult a coach from your gym or a specialist of your entourage. Especially at the beginning some exercises are not necessarily easy to understand posture level (squat, sheathing etc.), so go on a good foundation and useless to load at the beginning. Learn the right body weight movements at first

We are not aiming too high

Every month, change your ambitions. For example, it can be the first month, I eat healthily, I create an Instagram account and I practice at least 2 hours of sport per week. The second month, once all these habits, it complicates, I do at least 4 hours of sports per week (2 hours of cardio, 2 hours of muscle building), and I eat almost no more industrial food etc.

We stop the received ideas

Ladies, no fitness will not make you look like a man! And deep down you know it too, it just serves as an excuse not to start, we spotted you. Once helped by your coach, you will know exactly what weight to add to sculpt your body according to your goals without gaining volume. Because it is possible to refine the muscle in fitness and not only to inflate it! The idea is often that the added weight gives you a hard time without you either died of exhaustion at the end of your series.

We are not here to laugh

The sport can decompress and empty your head, but it's not a Tupperware meeting! Too many people are blaming the machines, completely neglecting the useful payback between each set. When we are in the room we give everything. This is only the story of an hour on average, we do not let anything. We suffer, we have pain, we wonder why we inflict all this at the beginning but remember that once you are outside you will be well and you will have forgotten all this pain! So we forget the pretty brushing done in the morning, we sweat!  

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